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If Need be, You may resize my templates as I know they are quite large. I do that to suit everyone's needs. All I ask is Just dont rip them apart or claim as your own. Thanks all. Huggies xoxo, Pooker
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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

8 New Templates - EI#173 - EI#180

Happened to make a few new templates. I have been through so much as alot of you know and even more that only one of you know!
So I have been on a low key and haven't really done much as I don't know what to do! My Real Life has taken a bit over from my passion of design and well I am so confused on what to do. I haven't made a tag in forever now and every time I start it just well doesn't complete!
So I tried templates and well I got at least 8 new ones for you all! I was just playing around and hope you all like them and can use them!

I know Templates are not as popular as they once were, but I hope I can help keep this piece of the puzzle alive when you all truly need it! So until some amazing things come striking down anytime soon, I think templates right now is what they will be! I am sorry I cant be more right now, but do hope you will and can enjoy these, will have more soon!

Under each template will be the download! And in a while I will add the new bulk over on the right side at a later date!
Thanks for all you support and thanks for coming by!


EI#173 - You Can Download This - HERE


EI#174 - You Can Download This - HERE


EI#175 - You Can Download This - HERE


EI#176 - You Can Download This - HERE

EI#177 - You Can Download This - HERE

EI#178 - You Can Download This - HERE

EI#179 - You Can Download This - HERE

EI#180 - You Can Download This - HERE

Lot's Of Love,

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Collab Template - Denny & Pooker #42

Weeeeeeeeeee I am so excited about this template.
Denny approached me and asked me to do another collab with her. And Oh yeah I said Yes lol!
We haven't done any collabs lately so how cool is this! We also hope to bring you all some more here soon! 

Thank you Denny for wanting to play again, I know you have missed this as much as me and I am so excited to collab again with you! Partners always! Hugs and love babe xoxoxoxo

Make sure you all swing by Denny's blog to, she will have it there for you to download as well, plus make sure you check throughout her blog, she has some many amazing things over there and her snags are AMAZING!!!

To check out Denny's Blog go - Denz Designz

You Can Download This Template - HERE

Thanks for coming by!
Lot's Of Love,


4 New Templates - EI#167 - EI#170

Finally got some good needed time with PSP!
I have been through a lot in the last few months as you all may know and well last week I lost another family member to cancer. It has been a hard road and its been very emotional. Just wondering when its all gonna get better!
R.I.P. Aunt Judy!
And keeping with my pink for my cousin it will now also pertain to my aunt! Pink shall continue somewhere in my templates for awhile!

But I decided to play in PSP today, wasn't sure if I was gonna make a tag or templates and well templates was the winner!
I think this is the first time in a long time I just let my fingers do what they wanted and didnt think. So with that being said I think I made some pretty chunky and heavy temps for you all to play with LMAO.
I hope you all likes them and will use them! More surprise coming soon with collab templates too so keep your eye out!
You can download each template under each pic!

Thanks for coming by!

EI#167 - You Can Download This - HERE

EI#168 - You Can Download This - HERE

EI#169 - You Can Download This - HERE

Made a Tag Using the template above!

EI#170 - You Can Download This - HERE

Here is a Tag I made with the template above!

Lots of love,