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Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Tag Showoff - Zindy S.D. Nielsen

A few new Zindy showoffs for you all! I havent made a set in a really long time it seams and well, Zindy really inspires me to make such wonderful things especially sets!
So here is what I have done:

On this set above I used Zindy's Newest Tube called: Look
It is available in her store now! Def swing by and check out this tube and other wonderful pieces she has to offer!
This one above I only made a banner. No Avatar!
I used the same tube like the above set called: Look
This time I used her a bit differently and in color! I flipped her so she looked as if she had a whole face! Think it turned out kinda cool!
A different style for me all together but great to do different things every now and again right?
Make sure you all swing by all Zindy's great sites she has. Here is a list below and I know she would love to see you all there, and so would I:

Main Site: - Zindy Zone
Tubes Blog - Zindy Zone Tubes Blog

Thank you all so much for swinging by and checking it all out!
Lot's of love,



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