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If Need be, You may resize my templates as I know they are quite large. I do that to suit everyone's needs. All I ask is Just dont rip them apart or claim as your own. Thanks all. Huggies xoxo, Pooker


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Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Template - EI#143

One more for you all tonight. I hope you all likes.

Please make sure you leave some love, I know some of you do and I appreciate it, but so many just take without saying thanks! Please take an extra second to say thanks, there is lil boxes below you can click. You dont have to leave a comment. The lil boxes are enough! ♥

You can download this - HERE

Lot's Of Love,


2 New Templates - EI#141 &EI#142

Made a couple new templates for you all! I hope you all likes them.

As you see I used Pink in my templates this time and will continue to use pink for a while!
The Pink represents my cousin Mandy!
She lost her battle with Breast Cancer and passed away on December 26th 2012.
She was an amazing person with so much love and joy that can fill the world with happiness.
So in light of her, I will use Pink to continue remembering her.

Love you Mandy so much and R.I.P. big cuz. xoxoxoxoxo ♥

Below you can find the download links to these 2 templates. An arrow will indicate which template you are downloading!

▲ Template EI#141 You can download this - HERE

▲ Template EI#142 You can download this - HERE

Lot's of Love,
Sunday, December 16, 2012

4 More New Templates - EI#137 - EI#140

Well I was on a roll and decided to make 4 more templates tonight lol!
But I am all tuckered out tonight now and will be waiting for another template mojo blast lol!
Anyways Here are the 4 below. I hope you likes them.

Below each Template will have an arrow pointing up with the link to each template by it's side.
I hope you all likes!

▲ EI#137 You can download this template - HERE 

▲ EI#138 You can download this template - HERE

▲ EI#139 You can download this template - HERE

▲ EI#140 You can download this template - HERE

Enjoy and I can't wait to see what you all do!
Lot's Of Love to you all,

Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Template - EI#135

LOL I was trying to make a tag tonight, but guess it didn't turn out so well as I just kept making shapes and my mind decided to create another template for you all.
So I guess this is good news for all of us! LOL I hope it is anyway!
I hope you all like what I have made for you all and I can't wait to see your results!

You can download this - HERE

Thanks for coming by.
Lot's Of Love,

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Collab Template - Pixie & Pooker

Weeeeeeeeeeeee We have a new template for you!
I am so excited about this one. Well I am excited about all of them when it comes to collabing. So much fun! hehe

Pixie came to me and asked if I would do a collab template with her, And of course I said yes!
She has just started getting into the collab template fun and let me tell you, She is already a Natural! 

Pixie doll thank you so much for doing this Collab template with me. I am so honored you asked me and I just knew this was gonna be alot of fun. I am so looking forward to Collabing with you again. 
 Huge Hugs sweetie pie xoxoxo

To visit Pixie's Blog - Pixie Dust
You can find this template over on her blog as well, Plus make sure you wing by and check out all the other goodies she has to offer. You dont want to miss out!

You can also download this template - HERE

Thank you all so much for swinging by and I hope you all likes what we made.
Lot's Of Love,


New Template - EI#134

I am in templating mood! lol
I am so very very tired today and just might have to take a nap! Plus hubby hasn't slept either and he worked all last night. No Fun for either of us!
So I have been making Templates in the mean time. I think its the only thing I can do with what energy I am allowed!
Anyways I hope you all likes this newest template!

You can download this - HERE

Thanks for coming by,
Lot's Of Love,


New Collab Templates - Denny &Pooker #37 - #40

Weeeeeeeeeeeee Denny and I have been at it again!
Here we Bring to you some very Christmas Cheer themed type templates and hope you all really enjoy what we have made.
We would love to see what you make as well!

A special Thanks goes to Denny for collabing with me once again and make the coolest temps ever. I love working with you. Your amazing doll! xoxxoxo!

Please make sure you swing by Denny's blog as well to get these there as well and make sure you look around too, she has lots of goodies over there!
To visit her Blog - Denz Designz

You can download this pack of templates - HERE

Thank you all and We hope you enjoy!!
Lot's Of Love,
Friday, December 7, 2012

My Cousin - Amanda Munoz Donation Fund

 Hi all, 
My family is going through alot right now and if you can just take a second and read the message below and send a prayer would be so appreciative!
We need all the help we can get as well as all the prayers!
Thank you so much Huge Hugs xoxoxo

My Dear Friends and Family, For those of you who don't know, my cousin, Mandy Munoz, is battling cancer. Sadly, Cancer is winning. There are many preparations and decisions to be made and things to pay for. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. There has been a donation account set up by Mandy's mom, Sherry Watson, to help with the family needs and services under donation account #5456074524 at Wells Fargo as the "Amanda Munoz Donation Fund"... if doing a transfer online, the routing number is 125008547. If you have any donation questions you can contact Wells Fargo banker Angela Longnecker at 360-493-8484. Thank you.


New Collab Templates - Denny and Pooker #33-#36

Woooohooo It has been a long time coming for Denny and I to get together and start collabing together with templates!
I really hope you all likes what we put together for you all and We cant wait to see what you make with them, I do hope you all show them off!

A Special thank you to Denny for coming together with me and doing this once again! I love when we collab and its been way to long. I hope we can continue to give our fans the best ever! Your amazing and love ya!

Please make sure you also swing by Denny's blog to show her love! She will also have these up here in a lil while for you all to download there if you like!

To visit Denny's Blog go here - Denz Designz

You can download this collab right - HERE

Hope you all enjoy!
Lot's of Love,


New Tag Showoff - Kristin Autumn Chill

Ok I actually totally Love how this tag came out!
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that is def a 1st in a while that I love what I make. I like some stuff I do and some I think are not my best, but this one turned out awesome!
I hope you all agree lol.

This gorgeous tube Belong to Arthur Crowe and you can grab it at his store. Make sure you look around cause I know he has some incredible stuff!

Now what I think made this tube even more Fabulous was this gorgeous kit called - Autumn Chill!
It was made by of course the one and only Kristin from Toxic Desirez!

Make sure you swing by her blog and check out all the goodies she has to offer! As well it will tell you where she sells at her other stores!

Here is a couple stores where you can get this amazing kit:
Skullified Scrapz (Personal Store)

And at the wonderful - The Psp Poject

She has so many things to offer so make sure you look through everything and I know you find much much more that you are definetly want to get!

Also make sure you swing by her CT Blog as well:

The template I used I actually made to go with this tube and kit and it;s my Template EI#132
I hope you all like what I have made! Thanks for swinging by!

Lot's of Love,

Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Templates - EI#131 & EI#132

↑Template EI#131
You can Download This - HERE

↑Template EI#132
You Can Download This - HERE

Just made a couple of templates tonight just for the fun of it! Above will be an Arrow pointing up for what Template you will download!
So make sure if you don't want them both you can select the right Template!

I hope you all have liked what I made!

Lot's Of Love,

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Tag Showoff - Kristin's Peppermint Jack

I know that everyone is so excited about this gorgeous new tube by Anna Marine!
And if you haven't got her yet, you can grab her at CDO if you spend $10 or more on Anna Marine's tubes!
Great and amazing Deal!
Make sure you swing by and check her stuff out - HERE
Or you can visit her site - Anna Marine

Using My Template - EI#129

Here is another tag I did to show you that you can use this kit for other tubes as well!
In this tag I used Arthur Crowe's Tube!
Please swing by and check out his store
Arthur Crowes Factory

Using My Template - EI#127

Now I am even more excited to tell you all about this amazing kit I used that absoluetly goes so perfect with the tube!
This kit is called - Peppermint Jack
And was made by the amazing and very talented Kristin

You have got to get this kit, whether or not you use it for matching this tube or if you have another tube. I know I have plenty other amazing tubes to match. So you win either way! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I loved this kit and I love all the elements and papers and oooooh I just love it all! Thank you so much Kristin for this beauty!

Now you can get this kit at her main store as well as others she sells at!
I got mine right over at - Skullified Scrapz 

Go check it out as well as what other amazing kits she has over there. You will not be disappointed. I think you will fall in love!

Plus make sure you swing by her blog. I know she has so many goodies over there as well it will tell you where else she sells!
 Toxic Desirez

Also swing by her Amazing CT Team blog to see what others are making as well. You might just find an amazing tutorial you havent seen yet!
Toxic CT Team

I hope you all like what I have made. I made this one special just for my home group - Bag A Snag!
Come swing by and check us out! So many cool things going on over there!

Thanks for coming by.

Lot's of Love,

Friday, November 30, 2012

New Template - EI#129

Yep another template! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Looks like this is how its gonna be for a bit since, all I can seem to make these days are these.
But I hope you all are liking them. I also hope they get my head in creating other things as well.
Each time I make one makes me want to tag lol. So if I keep it going it just might happen sooner than later!
Anyways I hope you all like my special Dotted Templates lol! That's the kicker I have been on lately and I like the looks of it!

You can download this - HERE

Enjoy and I hope to seem some things made with it!

Lot's of Love,

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Note and New Template - EI#126

Hi All, Hope everyone is doing well?
Well it has come to mind that my heart wont allow me to retire anymore. I haven't had a great few weeks and I think its because I decided to leave what I love doing. I can't take it anymore! I have tried to walk away and forget the Psp world, but my heart had different intentions and I think the only way I can be at peace is doing what I love most! My Passion for Psp and Art!!!
So I am gonna let my heart, mind and hand guide me in creating what I love most! I am gonna do things my way and make no more empty promises of creating specific things for people. I am just gonna make what ever my heart desires. If you like it? Awesome! If not? Its ok too. I am gonna Psp for me for you. Do it how I like, what I like! My way! It's all of me or none of me!

I hope that you all will continue supporting me and come along this journey! It's an honor to make stuff for you all whether it be templates Tags or other lil goodies.
I am gonna take it slow and hope that in time I can create again like I used to. With love, passion and spirit. Happiness and laughter and my friends!

So with that being said, I hope you all enjoy what I bring to you once again and looking forward to seeing all my friends again! 

And so I bring to you a new template I just made. It's Halloween themed, but of course you can always leave out the spider and webs and create something else completely. It whatever your imagination brings to you!!! I hope you all likes!

Lot's Of Love, Pooker

 You can Download this - HERE

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pooker's Place Contest Results

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I am so excited about showing off all these beautiful tags these wonderful and talented ladies entered into my Pooker's Place Contest using my Pookers Place Exclusive Template 2.
They really went all out and I am so honored that they took the time and love to enter my contest! They have shown true talent and love in each of these tags and I am blessed to own them.
Let's all show these ladies some love for what they have made!

Each tag that has ever been made for me holds a special place in my heart. I enjoy watching and seeing their view and take on what they express and it's truly amazing! I am inspired by all and just truly love it!

I want to say Thank you so very much to Cookiez, Terily, Laura, Diane, Yaya, and Lee. You all are amazing. Huge Hugs and Kisses to each of you xoxoxoxo

Now this wasn't an easy decision for me to pick out of these gorgeous tags! Although I only recieved 6 entries is was a very tough decision. I even had to have hubby help me out! he was stuck too. lol
But after 2 days of oohing and awing over each of them I finally made my choices! You all are winners to me and I wish I can award you all! Thank you again for everything!

The winners will receive an Exclusive Prepaid Tube By Zebrush. YAY.

So without further ado I have selected:

This Gorgeous Tag by Terily:

And This Gorgeous Tag By Lee:

Terily and Lee Thank you ladies so much and Congratulations! You both did an amazing job and your talent is amazing! The tube isnt ready yet, but as soon as it is I will send her to you both ASAP! So please email me your PFD License #'s. Email again is -

I also want to show off the other entries that were made and show you all the talent and love that they so need to be credited for. You ladies are amazing and keep up the awesome work!

In Random Order:

This Tag Below was Made By: Laura

This Tag Below was Made By: Yaya

This Tag Below was Made By: Diane

This Tag Below was Made By: Cookiez

Thank you all so much again for playing, entering and making me these beauties. You all are truly inspiring and full of amazing talent. Keep up the amazing work and I so look forward to seeing more beauties you make! xoxoxoxo 

To all my fans, lets show these ladies some love by either making a comment or even just checking the lil boxes below. They sure deserve it! I hope you all love them as much as I do!

Lot's of Love to you all,