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If Need be, You may resize my templates as I know they are quite large. I do that to suit everyone's needs. All I ask is Just dont rip them apart or claim as your own. Thanks all. Huggies xoxo, Pooker
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Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Tag Showoff - Zindy - Innocent Heart Fairy

Wooohooo I have a triple threat tag here lol.
Nah I just was in a very creative mood and really liked how this tag turned out!
As you know that's a huge thing for me to say, but as you can tell I loved it cause I made it in 3 different ways! I love how each one came out so much.
My fav is black and white one but I love the others as well and think it gives it a bit of pop in one and then in other more of a vintage like style!

Which one is your fav?

Scroll down for more on this post for more info about the tube and kit I used to create this:

This amazing and gorgeous tube was created by the wonderful Zindy S.D. Nielsen. You know she is my fav!

You can get this tube at her store here - Innocent Heart Fairy

Plus check out all the other amazing stuff she has there from tubes, to keychains, to prints, and originals and so much more!

Plus visit her here at where she hangs out for other cool stuff and info about Zindy:

Her Main Site - Zindy Zone
Her Store - Zindy Zone Shop
Her Facebook Fan Page - Zindy S.D. Nielsen Artwork
Her Tubes Facebook Page - Zindy Zone Tubes

So many wonderful contest to win so many things at these place, so you have got to go check it out, I wouldn't want you to miss anything!!!!!!

The kit I used is called - Dont You Remember

And was Made by Lila's Designs Click on name of kit to take you to her store! Once you get there you can read a bit about her and where else she is! It has all her info at her store for you! I love love her designs and I hope you will tooo!

Thank you all for stopping by and I hope you like what you see!
Lot's Of Love,


2 New Templates - EI#184 - EI#185

Yep Finally got to new templates up for you all! Been kinda non creative for awhile now and well, just felt like making something and well it happened to be some templates lol!
I hope you like them and can use them, I also hope they aren't similar to any other ones I made lol.
I do have my own style which I stick to but just not sure if I made same templates or not over and over.
If I did will try and be a bit more creative for you all! Jumping back in will surely do that!
You can download these with the links right below each one!

EI#184 - You Can Download This - HERE

EI#185 - You Can Download This - HERE

The yellow and blue colors was inspired by the PUT tube Goldilocks.

Thanks for stopping by.
Lot's Of Love,

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Snaggable Facebook Cover - Summer Rose

Hi All!

I know I have been away awhile and well what a way to come back and give you all a goodie! I made this snaggable cover for your personal Facebook page using my favorite Artist Zindy S.D. Nielsen!

The Tube I used is called Summer Rose!

It's such a beautiful tube to play with, with her gorgeous brunette hair and adorable face you will fall in love too!
She is has a great sale going on this month, so make sure you all swing on by to see what she has! You will love everything she has to offer and so much more!

To visit her go to these places below:

Zindy Zone Artwork (Facebook Fan Page)
Zindy Tubes (Facebook Tubes Page)

Thank you all for stopping by!

To get full size of the Cover Banner click on it and it will bring you to a full size version and you just right click and save!

Lot's Of Love,