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If Need be, You may resize my templates as I know they are quite large. I do that to suit everyone's needs. All I ask is Just dont rip them apart or claim as your own. Thanks all. Huggies xoxo, Pooker


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Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Tag Showoff - Michi & Alika

A new tag I made. Weeeeeeeeeeee Seems like forever I got a new one done lol!
But happy i was able to make this tag and I hope everyone likes it! I think it's a bit different that my normal tags, but love it's uniqueness.

And what's even awesomer is that I think Michi and Alika's work go so well together. Seriously I love how they blend so well. Do you agree? Oooh so hope you do!

This amazing tube is made by Michi from Michi Arts and is called - Hot Ticket
She is a talent and has so many wonderful tubes over there and I love how she has a tubes from all different types of styles. AMAZING!!
Make sure you swing by Michi's store, you wont want to miss out on these beauties. She also has a special deal going on right now and it's only till July 12th. So make sure you swing by asap and she what it's all about.

Go visit her store here - Michi Arts
Here is a lil sneak peek of what the special is:

And now to the amazing kit i used. I used an awesome kit from Alika's Scrap and it's called - Star Light Nite
It's absolutely gorgeous and amazing. I love all the elements and the papers are gorgeous!
You def have to swing by Alika's bllog to find out where she sells all her goodies and to see other awesome stuff as well as updates and more. You will fall in love in there I am telling you!

To visit Alika's Blog go here - Alikas Scraps

She has many stores she sells at so make sure you check her right hand sidebar to click on the stores, you'll never know what you will find and when you do, You will love!

The template I used to make this tag is my own template - EI#103

Hope you all have enjoyed what I have made.
Lot's of Love,


New Tag Showoff And Exclusive Temp - Gothique Starr

I am a little late getting this up! I have been going through some changes and thinking of things to do, Plus personal stuff,
But Better late than never right? lol
This awesome tag I made to me is Fantastic, the kit the tube and the template. I couldnt have done it without the help of Gothique Starr aka Roo. Weeeeeee! Thanks hunny! XOXO

The tube I am using is made by Gothique Starr and it's called Get Bent
And The kit I am using is also called Get Bent!
It's a matching tube and kit set or you can buy them individually! You can get this amazing tube and kit here at:

They have many wonderful tubes and kits over there as well as all of Gothique Starr aka Roo goodies too. Make sure you swing by to check it out! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Also Make sure you stop by Gothique Starr's Website to check out the latest updates as well.

Here is the Exclusive template I made just for the matching tube and kit! I really hope you all likes so much! You can only get it one place! And thats at Gothique Starr aka Roo's Blog!

Make sure you swing by her blog to get this cool temp and to find out even more info on her amazing works.

Lot's of love,

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Shout Out To - Kay's Kreative Tutorials

Big Huge Shout Out to Kay from Kay's Kreative Tutorials
Ok I just had to shout out this amazingly lady and share with you her blog of wonderfulness.
She has made so many wonderful and beautiful tutorials using some of my goodies here as well as others goodies and temps and I am floored at her talent!
You all just have to check her out! I know you will fall in love with everything she has to offer!

Click HERE to check out her blog and see just what I am talking about!


Kay darling thank you for being so kind and so thoughtful in making me beauties and playing with my temps and kits. I love your work doll. I just had to show you off to the world!
Huge Huggies xoxoxoxo

Lot's of love,


Finally Found My Templates EI#1 - EI#10

Woooohooooo After long searching and sweet people asking I have finally found my template EI#1 - EI#10 and have re uploaded them and linked them on the side link for you all.
Here is the link here for them to for convenience! 

Special thanks to all the girls inquiries for these and help in finding them for me, you all know who you are. Love ya lot's xoxoxo

Friday, June 8, 2012

Tag Showoff Using My Temp EI#95 - Shani

Oooooooooooooooooh I made a cutie tag and one thats still and one that's animated! I havent done animated in so long. WOW I love how his eyes look like ther are popping out a bit lol. I also used My own
Template - EI#95

This amzing kit was created by Shani Kenny aka Wicked Princess Scraps and is called -
The Big Top Parade

I know she sales it over at
The Psp Project

You have got swing by her blog to find out where else Miss Shani sells are her neat kits and goodies at!
Wicked Princess Scraps

There is also a Gallery you can look at to find all the fabulous creations people have made using her kits as well.
Wicked Princess Gallery

You will love it over there. I promise!

The Artwork Tube I used is by The Amazing Tooshtoosh!
Isn't this Elephant adorable!
Swing by her store to see all her other fab tubes and goodies!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tag Showoff & Exclusive Template - Gothique Starr aka Roo

Wooohoooo I couldnt wait to showoff my newest Gothique Starr aka Roo Taggy!
I so love how this came out!
I used one of her cutie tubes called Bubbletrix
And a Matching kit called - Bubbletric
You can get this awesome tube and kit at
Or you can even get it as a Bundle together - Bubbletrix Tube & Kit Bundle
Make sure you swing by and check out all her cuties she has there.
Swing by Her blog and Her own site for any other news and goodies she may have!
To her blog - Scraps By ROO
To here site - Gothique Starr
Also make sure you check out The PSP Project for other cool tubes and kits and other goodies you do not want to miss out on!
Hope to see you all there.

And even what even more awesome to along with this?
I made this special Exclusive Template for her to go with it all,
How much better can you get lol.

You can download this template over at her blog HERE

Thanks all for checking this out,
Lot's Of Love,


New Templates - EI#94 - EI#103

Thank you all who voted on the poll above. And so I went with the majority and made ya some templates! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I really hope you all like them as I made 10 new ones for you all to play with!
YAY I hope that will keep you all busy! lol.
I hope to make some more, but will try and get some more of the others you all voted for up as well.
Thanks again all so much and I hope you likes.
I also have put up new links for templates #81 - #90 and #91 - #100 on the left hand side links to download in bundles!
I hope that helps!
Each template download will be below each template!

˄ EI#94 You can download this HERE

˄ EI#95 You can Download this HERE 

˄ EI#96 You can download this HERE

˄EI#97 You can download this HERE 

˄EI#98 You can download this HERE

˄EI#99 You can download this HERE


˄EI#100 You can download this HERE

˄EI#101 You can download this HERE

˄EI#102 You can download this HERE 

˄EI#103 You can download this HERE 

Lot's Of Love,

Tag Showoff & New Template - EI#93 - Michi & Shani

WOW Look at this Amazingly Awesome tube from Michi
She is flipping AMAZING and BADASS lol.
I love working with this piece. Michi does some incredible work.
The tube I used is called - Diva Worship
And you can get in hew store:
Check out all her other amazing pieces she has over there, I know you will fall in love.
Also if the tube comes in layers she lets you colorize to your needs, How cool is That? AWESOME! Thanks Michi!
And the most perfect kit that went with this tube is called New Age Outlaws by
Shani Kenny aka Wicked Princess Scraps.
This kit has so many elements to play with you can do so many things, I just know you will love it! I did.
To find out where you can buy this kit and others of Miss Shani, come check out her blog:
She also has a gallery you can swing by and check out all the tags created with her kits. Awesome tags in there!
Love it, Thanks Shani!

And yep I created a special template to go all with these amazing things above or with what ever your mind thinks of! I hope you likes it!

To download template click HERE

Thanks all for coming by,
Lots of Love,

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tag Showoff and New Template EI#92 - Michi & Alika

In this tag I used gorgeous tube By Michi called - LilFink04 Isn't she just too adorable!
You can this cutie and other awesome tubes of Michi's of her at her store'
Michi also wanted me to let you know that you are allowed to change the colors of the layers if layers are included with the tube.
I did that with the tube above, How cool is that!
Thank you Michi.

The gorgeous kit I used is called - Eves Garden by the the wonderful Alikas Scraps
This kit was fun to play with, and I so love the colors and what you can do with them.
To check out all of Alikas amazing scrapkits, swing by her blog
She has wonderful things over there as well as let's you know what stores she sells at so you can get get all the goodies too.
Thanks Alika.

And I couldn't resist making a template to go with all of this! I really like how this template came out and I hope you all do too.

To download template click HERE

Thanks all for coming by,
Lots of love,