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If Need be, You may resize my templates as I know they are quite large. I do that to suit everyone's needs. All I ask is Just dont rip them apart or claim as your own. Thanks all. Huggies xoxo, Pooker
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Thursday, December 4, 2014

New Tag Showoff - Zindy & WDDesignz - Chicano

Weeeeeeeeeeee I have a new tag/set to showoff. I haven't done one of these in forever and I am just so excited!

I am now on WDDesignz CT team and I am a very Happy Girl!
Thank you Melissa so much for having me on your CT!!!!

I know I haven't been on lately with the holidays coming and going and personal issues always at high alert, but today I finally got some time to play! I hope you all like what I have created!

This gorgeous tube is called - Chicano
And you can get it and Zindy's Tube Store - HERE

She is my favoite artist as most of you know! Please make sure you stop on by one of the many places below to check out Zindy's Work! I know you will love it just as much as me

 Zindy's Main Site - HERE
Zindy's Store - HERE
Zindy's Facebook Fan Page - HERE
Zindy's Facebook Tube Page - HERE

Now let's give it up to Melissa as well from WDDesignz for making this gorgeous kit to match this beautiful tube!

The beautiful kit is called - Chicano
And you can also find this at Zindy's Tube Store - HERE

You can buy this individually or you can buy this as a bundle tube and kit - HERE

Also check out some more of Melissa's designs and Zindy's shop where she has more individual kits and more bundles to go along with Zindy's tubes!

Also check out her blog WDDesignz - HERE

I hope you all like what you see it. It was so much creating this!
Thanks for stopping by.
Lot's Of Love,
Thursday, November 20, 2014

3 New Templates - EI#217 - EI#219

So I was on a bit of a roll with some templates and I even got carried away with them lol. I think I went overboard on these, but I hope you all like them.
I like EI#217 the best out of the 3 lol. Ok so I got templates out of my system for now I think lol, So now I can make some taggies and sets!
Fingers crossed I do a good job and can do it. I hope I got my mojo and if not I will find some!
Each download link will below each template!
Have loads of fun!

EI#217 - You Can Download This - HERE 

EI#218 - You Can Download This - HERE

EI#219 - You Can Download This - HERE

Thanks for coming by and liking my stuff!
Lot's of love,
Tuesday, November 18, 2014

2 New Templates - EI#215 & EI#216

I created 2 new templates for you all. I don't really like the blue one as much, but maybe if I play with it I will like it or one of you can play with it and make it awesome which you all always do.

I will be making more through out the week hopefully. It helps to take my mind of things. So I hope you like these new ones and have loads of fun!

Download links will be below each template. 

 EI#215 - You Can Download This - HERE

 EI#216 - You Can Download This - HERE

 Thanks for coming by.
Lot's of Love,

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Barron Family Fund - Donations

Hello to all my friends from the psp community and my friends and family I have known for so long! I have been hit with some crazy situations lately and I have started a donation fund to help My family and I!
I hope you all can help to contribute as much as you can or as little as you can anything helps! My Family is in need of school supplies, school clothes and food!
We are doing our very best to get as much help as we can, but we need to reach further!
My children deserve to be able to get the things they so desperately need and I ask you to help me. I have 4 boys.

Jacob who is 15, Quinten who is 14, Andrewblade who is 12 and Cyrus who is 9.

They are good young men and my wish is to get them what they need! My husband is the only one able to work and its not enough at times.
We barely live pay check to pay check and this year has taken a toll! I can't work due to my disabilities and I have no disability income yet. Still trying to get it! There is a button below:

Please help my family if you can! I would always appreciate what you all can do and hope one day to be able to pay it forward.
My boys have done so much for our community more than some know! They have helped so many people in their times of need and I hope that they will get the help they need too!
 Whatever makes you feel more comfortable! Please help xoxoxoxo
Lot's of love,

Sunday, March 30, 2014

2 New Templates - EI#210 & EI#211

Made a couple templates about a month ago and never got the chance to put them up.
I miss tagging so much and hopefully I will be able to get back into it more fully than I have been. 

Not making any promises but will try to get some more things up for you all. You can download these two templates below each picture.
Hope you all likes!

Template EI#210 - You can download this - HERE


Template EI#211 - You can download this - HERE

Thanks all for stopping by.
Lot's of Love
, Photobucket
Monday, February 3, 2014

New Tag Showoff - Kissing Kate

YAY got another taggy to show off to you all.
I like how this turned out. I don't usually make tags like this so I am super proud that I did this and actually like it and hope you all do too.

This gorgeous kit I used is by Kissing Kate and is called - The Owl And The Pussy Cat

Kissing Kate aka Cat has many beautiful kits out there and more to come. You have got to check her out!
Below will be some links to where you can find her and her lovely kits. So swing on by and check her out!

Kissing Kate:
Kissing Kate Fan Group

Stores she sells at:

More Info Coming Soon!!!!

The gorgeous tube I am using is by the wonderful Suzanne Woolcott.
She no longer sells tubes but you can still swing by her shop and look at all the other cool stuff she has to offer.

Thank you for stopping by.
Lot's of  Love,

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tag Showoff - Zindy & CBJ Night Creatures

Yay new tag showoff for you all.
I haven't done one of these in forever. So excited!!

You all know how much I love Zindy and her artwork, and if you don't know you will trust me lol. I have been a mega fan of hers forever now and I just love seeing what she makes next!

Now whats even more awesome is I am now apart of CBJ CT Team (Crazed Creationz aka Jo). I am stoked. Not only do I have Zindy's tubes I now have the kits to match her beauties. CBJ makes some beautiful kits that go so amazingly with Zindy's tubes. But they would go so well with other artists as well.
Swing on by Zindy's Store and check out Zindy's tubes as well as CBJ kits.

The tube I used above is called - Night Creatures
The kit I used is called - Night Creatures
 You can get tube and kit together here - Night Creatures Pack

To visit Zindy:

To visit CBJ:

Make sure you check out all the links to see what both ladies have to offer. In some places you can win some pretty amazing things so don't miss out and go look already!!!!!

Thank you all for stopping by.
Lot's Of Love,

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Template - EI#209

New template for you all!
Hopefully soon I will make some smaller layered templates. I know mine can be heavily layered and it's because in some kits there are so many gorgeous papers to play with I want to use so may and I hope that you all feel the same! But I know everyone is different so will try hard to see if I can create smaller layered for you all!
In the meantime I hope you all like this new one.

You can download this - HERE

Thanks for stopping by.
Lot's Of Love,