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If Need be, You may resize my templates as I know they are quite large. I do that to suit everyone's needs. All I ask is Just dont rip them apart or claim as your own. Thanks all. Huggies xoxo, Pooker
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Tag Showoff - Skull-O-Ween

It's Halloween just around the corner, Can you believe it?
I can't believe how time flies! So excited! But no worries I haven't forgotten about my fav season fall. I will have some taggies done with fall themes soon!

But I just couldn't resist this kit, It was amazing! I had to have it!
Now it took me a bit to make this tag, not because of the kit, but because I wanted the perfect tube for it. What you think? Did I do ok?

This gorgeous kit is called - Skull-O-Ween
And it was Made by Kristin from Toxic Desirez!
But you can only get this kit in one place! Yep it's an Exclusive!
It Only at Digi Diva's!
To get the kit click - Digi Diva's

Also make sure you swing by Kristin's other places as well. She has her own store and blog!
On her blog it will tell you where she all sells at!

To Visit her Blog - Toxic Desirez
To Visit her Store - Skullified Scrapz
To Visit her CT Blog - Toxic CT

You dont want to miss out anything she has to Offer!!

This gorgeous Tube I used is HERE
And it's by the Lovely Barbara Jensen! Swing By Her Site and Tube Store to see all she has to offer!

To Visit Barbara's Site - Erotic Artist Gallery
To Visit Barbara's Tube Store - Barbara Jensen Tubes

Gorgeous beauties over there! Don't Miss out!

The Template I used is mine and it's number is EI#122. Hope you check it out!

I will also have this up for request of any names over on my Facebook Page! It's limited time only! So if you want head on Over!

To Visit my Page - Pooker's Place

Hope to see you all soon! And hope you Likes!
Lot's of Love,

Friday, August 24, 2012

Pooker's Place

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to let you all know I have a new Facebook page where you can find some New excluisve templates as well as Offers for you all to request!

It's just a small lil place trying to grow so please excuse the dust as I try to get everything up and going! Its a place you can come to whenever you like, and just check out!

I hope you all will join me over there and hang out. It's gonna be awesome to be able to give back to all in another way!

Here is the link for my new place - Pooker's Place

On the left hand side of the side bars you will see an avatar that matches this banner, It is also linked to my place and you can click it anytime you need to!

And no worries, I of course will still offer goodies up here as well, and showoff my work. So i will be in both places YAY!

Hope you swing by!
Lot's of Love,


New Tag Showoff - Twisted Angel

A new showoff taggy! YAY

This gorgeous kit I am using is called - Twisted Angel
And was by made by the wonderfully talented Kristin from Toxic Desirez!

I fell in love with this kit when I first saw it and when I got it I fell in love even more. The element are so beautiful and the papers were gorgeous! I was def excited. Let's just say a perfect balance to create beautiful elegant tags as well as beautifully awesome tag if ya know what I mean!

Swing By and check out her wonderful Blog, Store and CT Team Blog to see what's all going on and what she may have coming next! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

To visit her store - Skullified Scrapz
To visit her blog - Toxic Desirez
To visit her CT blog - Toxic CT

Thanks so much Kristin and hope you likes!

The Tube I am using as well all know very much is called - Longing
And was made by the Super and Amazingly telented Keith Garvey!
Check out his new store for all Info on Garv tubes!

To Visit Keith's store - Garv Girls

The template I used is mine and it's number is - EI#118

Thanks all for stopping by and checking it out!
Lot's of Love,

Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Tag Showoff - Toxic Desirez

Surprised I made a new tag tonight! Been through alot today and I guess my head just wanted to create!
Sooooooooo I found this really amazing kit called - Demonic
And it was made by Kristin from Toxic Desirez!
Can we say OMG We Love It! LOL
I know I can, I really love the purples in this kit and it really stood out to me, I just had to play!
You'll definitely have to swing by Kristin's blog and store to check out the awesome stuff she had over there, You will be floored by her talent! Also you can find out any news on what she is doing or maybe even have some freebies! YAY got to love freebies!

To Visit Her Blog - Toxic Desirez
To Visit Her Store - Skullified Scrapz

Also swing by her CT blog to see all the amazing stuff her Ct has made with using her work!

To Visit Her CT Blog - Toxic CT

The Template I used making this tag is my template and it's number is - EI#124

Thanks all for coming by and I hope you like what you see, feel free to browse around and make sure you check the link above!

Lot's of Love,

Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Templates - EI#122 - EI#125

Got them done faster than I thought! Wow!
These templates below were supposed to be collab templates with a friend!
It happened it didn't work out as some things got in the way!
So I finished them up and decided to Dedicate This 4 piece Collection to her:


You can download below each template under them. I will have a small arrow indicating what template you are getting!
I hope you Likes.

˄ EI#122 You can download this HERE

˄ EI#123 You can download this HERE

˄ EI#124 You can download this HERE

˄ EI#125 You can download this HERE

Thanks for coming by and hope to see you all again soon!
Lot's Of Love,

Friday, August 17, 2012

New Templates - EI#117 - EI#120

Well I was a lil pissed last night and some of today and who knows maybe even later but whatever lol!
Anyways I guess my madness got my drive going again for templates! Decided I would just doodle out what was in my head yet still keeping true to my style as you can see!
I hope you like them! There are 4 new ones and below each one will have a link to that template!
I will make a small arrow pointing up so you know which one you are downloading!

Also since I am now at 120 Templates YAY I will also have a side link for you to download EI#111 - EI#120 on the right side for a bulk type download!

So here they Are: 

˄EI#117 - You can download this HERE

˄EI#118 - You can download this HERE

˄EI#119 - You can download this HERE

˄EI#120 - You can download this HERE

Thank you all so much for coming by and I hope you like these!

Lot's OF Love,

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tag Showoff - Zindy S.D. Nielsen

So I was playing PSP and actually made a tag! YAY!
It's been a while since my last tag as so much has gone on in real life for me and it's been one tough emotional week! But last night I decided I was gonna play!lol 
So I did and this is what I made!!!

I used of course the amazing and wonderful work of Zindy S.D. Nielsen with a tube called -  
Isn't she precious? I think she is stunning and such a beautiful portrait of a young lil girl praying!
You def have to check her out!
Below I will give all the Links to Zindy's sites and where she will share news about herself her drawings and yep where you can buy her amazing tubes and artwork! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

To visit her store - Zindy Zone Shop
To visit her site - Zindy Zone
To visit her tubes blog - Zindy Zone Tubes Blog
To visit her FB fan page - Zindy's Artwork FB Page

You really dont want to miss out on these wonderful places as she has so much to pffer and I hope to see you all over there!

The template I used is the newest collab template I did with my wonderful friend Punky!
It was PunkyPookerCollabTemp1 and you can get it right below this post or over at Punky's blog too

To visit Punky's Blog - Punky Butts Productions

Thanks all for coming by and checking it out! Means alot to me!
Lot's of Love,

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Collab Templates - Punky & Pooker

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I am so exccited about these collab templates!
My sweet Punky came to me and asked me if I wanted to do some collab temps with her and I was like Oh yeah!
How Awesome huh?
So we got for 4 templates for you all to play with that were created by the wonderful Punky and I!
Punky will also have these on her Blog as well! So make sure you visit her blog and show some loves as well!

To visit Punky's blog - Punky Butts Productions

Punky doll thank you so much for Collabing with me! Your amazing and I had a blast! Can't wait to do it again! Huggies babe ooxo

You can download this collab set - HERE

Lot's of love,

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tag Showoff - Toxic Desirez - Sweet Goth

I finally got to use this Gorgeous tube I have been waiting forever to use and just never could find the right kit to go with her!
But OMG I finally did! YAY 
I am totally stoked!
This amazing and awesome kit is called - Sweet Goth

And was created by the mega talented Kristin from Toxic Desirez and Skullified Scrapz!
How awesome is she to have the kit I have been looking for to go with this amazing tube huh? I am one lucky girl I tell ya!

You all have just got to stop by her blog and store to find more info about Kristin and what else she has to offer.

To Visit Her Store - Skullified Scrapz
To Visit Her Blog - Toxic Desirez

Also on her blog it will give you updates to her newest creations as well as other stores she sells at!

Also stop on by her CT Blog as well so you can see what others have created with her works as well!

To Visit CT Blog - Toxic CT

The tube I used is by the talented Arthur Crowe and you can get is work at his store - 

The Template I used is made by Me Pooker and it's number EI#115!

Thank you all so much for swinging by and Checking it all out! You all are the best!
Lot's Of Love,

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tag Showoff - Toxic Desirez - Orange Cream

I have a new tag showoff for you all today YAY!. I am totally excited about this one because  HELLO it's ORANGE! lol

If you all don't already know Orange if my fav color. I was doing a contest in my forum and it's theme was orange you with me loving Orange so much You all know I was gonna jump on that one lol!

Anyways let me tell you about this way awesome kit I used!

The Kit I used is called - Orange Cream
And was Created by Kristin from Skullified Scrapz and Toxic Desirez
WOW Right! Amazing Stuff she sure can make!

This is kit caught my eye immediately and I just had to have a play! Was to hard to resist lol. 
But love how this Tag came out!
Oh and in case you all were wondering I used My template EI#111 for this beauty!

Swing on by Kristin's Blog and Store to find more info about her and other goodies she has! You dont want to miss out!

To visit here store - Skullified Scrapz
To Visit her Blog - Toxic Desirez

Oh and swing on my Her CT blog to see what all is making with her work!

Thanks all for swinging by and checking out and hope to see you all again soon!

Lot's of love,

Friday, August 3, 2012

5 New Templates - EI#112 - #116

Wooohooo I have been a busy girl! I have been making some templates for you all!
I have made 5 New ones for this blog, Got some New 4 new Collabs coming soon and 4 New Exclusives coming soon as well!

But let's go ahead and start with these. Decided to add color to and make each one different. Almost rainbowish! lol
Below each Template you will find a link to Download! I will make a Arrow up to show it will be the template above you are downloading!

I hope you all like each one and have loads of fun!

Hugs to you all,

^EI#112 Template Can Be Downloaded - HERE

^EI#113 Template Can Be Downloaded - HERE

^EI#114 Template Can Be Downloaded - HERE

^EI#115 Template Can Be Downloaded - HERE

 ^EI#116 Template Can Be Downloaded - HERE

Keep Checking Back for any new Info about the 4 New collabs coming soon as well as News on the 4 Exclusives as well! Lot's of Love,

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Special Tag Showoff - Zindy S.D. Nielsen

How can You all not Love Zindy! I so know you all do!
As you can tell she is def my favorite artists and really can bring me back into my own lil world with the help of her beautiful Artwork!

Above is a set I made with a very special tube! This tube is called - Changing Seasons and is Exclusive and  available to you if you spend $10 or more at her shop and you get can get this beauty for free!
I am not kidding! Isn't this a great deal?
Please swing by Zindy's shop and see all the beautiful pieces she has for you all and specials she has going, you surely don't want to miss out on this one!

If you spend $10 or more to get this free tube, You will need to send receipts to Paully at and she will send out the tube afterwards.

YAY So go check it out already!

Also swing by all her beautiful sites to find out what Zindy is doing and find out more info as an artist!
 Here are some links to her awesome sites: 
Main Site - Zindy Zone
Tubes Blog - Zindy Zone Tubes
Facebook Fan Page - Zindy S.D. Nielsen Artwork

Hope to see you all there.

Huge Thank you to Zindy for all your amazingness and giving us the best tubes and specials out there babe! Loves ya girl xoxo!

Lot's of love,