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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tag Showoff - Zindy S.D. Nielsen

Weeeeeeeeee I can't believe I did a 3 Piece Set! And I am so excited about this one too.
I absolutely adore this tube. I have played with her a few times and I can't wait to play with her again!

This gorgeous tube is called - Unleash The Butterflies
And the Artist of this piece is non other than Zindy S.D. Nielsen! ( I think you all already knew that lol )

Well if you haven't heard of her by now I hope you will all swing by her beautiful store and website. She also has a forum and a Tubes blog for you all to view. So many wonderful things she has provided for us the fans. you all dont want to miss out  on the fun and of course the GORGEOUS Artwork!

Here are a few links for you all to visit her at:

To visit her website go here - Zindy-Zone
To visit her store go here - Zindy Zone Shop
To visit her forum go here - Zindy Zone Forum
To visit her tube blog go here - Zindy Zone Tube Blog

Also on her website she has information on other places she is at, so make sure you all check that out to.
She is an amazing person with so much heart and talent. And such a sweetheart. Thank you so much Zindy for being amazing and letting us have fun with your art! Huge Hugs xoxo

Thank you all so much for checking this out, I hope you like what I have made.
Lot's of love,



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